Antik Batik

Gabriella Cortese has a spirit for travelling within her soul. Italian by birth and Parisian by adoption, she has criss-crossed the globe. As an eighteen-year-old art student in search of freedom, Gabriella discovered Paris and its wild nightlife. Then, like the artists who went off to study the classics in the 19th century, she left for Tibet. In Bali, the thousand-year-old batik technique for printing silk inspired her to create her first range of pares and in 1992, Antik Batik was born. She borrows decorative extravagance from Art Nouveau. Lustrous decorations, stylized floral patterns and geometric prints inspired by the Russian avant-garde fill her creations with history. Sought after by celebrities and all kinds of women looking for authenticity, Antik Batik has become an emblem of bohemian-chic living.